November 4, 2018

The Matrix

The Matrix takes places in approximately 2199 (the real world). Humans are used as batteries by machines who’ve taken over the world. We are transported to “The Matrix”, which simulates a real world environment that keeps us distracted as we are used for energy.

Neo, played by Keanu Reeves is a high level computer hacker that through his craft identified a thing he needs to know more about. That thing is… The Matrix. After meeting with a man named Morpheus, he learns The Matrix is what he’s considered to be the real world throughout his life. The Matrix is a ploy by machines to distract the human mind with this fictional world, while they use their bodies for energy. Now that he’s learned of this truth and learns that he could be the one to help destroy the machines and wake up the millions of sleeping humans, can Neo embrace his newfound abilities and indeed save the day?!?

Released March 21st, 1999

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