December 30, 2018

Super Mario Bros. The Movie

The 80’s was a decade filled with incredible movies, music and the rise of popular video games that are still talked about today. Nintendo worked on many projects that lead to people recognizing the true potential of video games. Even more so, they demonstrated they were capable of developing iconic characters. Like our favorite plumber, Mr. Mario Mario. In his games he was on a quest to save the Princess by defeating the evil King Koopa. Millions of people enjoyed playing as the Italian plumber turned hero. So much so that it peaked the interest of the film industry. In 1993 we would get a live-action adaptation of the games, starring Bob Hoskins as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi. It was a terrible movie that the critics hated, fans resented, did poorly in the box office and Nintendo pretends it never existed, so naturally we have to talk about it.

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